Check out RetroSelfie review to get the latest version for yourself!

With the craze surrounding selfies reaching extremes, this RetroSelfie app is truly an app to look out for! Integrated with a number of advanced features, this helps in making sure that all the clicked selfies come in their best of form.

With its retro effects showing its colours in all possible manners, there have been many versions of this app that have been available in market. By help of RetroSelfie Review, a person can get a complete idea regarding what versions have been of this app, and how it has developed into best over time.

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Checking out the various available versions:

  1. The initial version of RetroSelfie as launched in 2014, creates images and adds on some vintage effect to it as well. Apart from that it has selfie stickers, autofocus facility and cosmetic tools added to it.
  2. The version that was launched in earlier days of September added a faster loading condition to this app. Further update in latter dates of September adds on to crash fixing bug.
  3. The November update brought with itself a new range of selfies chart. Along with it, December version brought into the fore, the Random Selfie option. Also, the number of ads in this version was reduced to a great extent.

Thus, with every new update, the RetroSelfie review touched new heights of success and can surely be traced as one of the best selfie expert app in present times. With help of this review people can get a better idea regarding versions that are present in market, and consider the best option for buying it out.

Checking out the latest version of RetroSelfie:

The current version, dated 2016, of 3.6 APK type, has a number of unique features such as autofocus, adjustment of pictures with help of fingers and professional retro effects.

Hence, make sure to check out a good RetroSelfie review before installing one in your Android to get the best effects!