The website disclaimer is mainly used to limit the liabilities that website owners may suffer arising out of the business website. It is a legal notice and covering the basic issues that arise out of the website operations. In addition, it is a shorter version of the website terms and conditions template. The main use of the disclaimer is subject to terms and conditions. However, it covers some basic issues of website such as unenforceable provisions, exceptions, no warranties, reasonableness, limitation of liability and other parties. The website disclaimer use to protect yourself and rights of your business. Whether you are operate an online directory, simple blog, information site and an internet portal, playing with fire if you don’t have disclaimer. We operate various website and its properties including directory site, information websites, social networking sites and many diverse niches. Apart from that, the disclaimer needed to be uploaded to various eventualities and conditions. We provide a generic disclaimer that could use to protect the websites effectively. Use of disclaimer is to protect yourself and your business. Since, it can be used by many website from travel sties and many other sites. In addition to, number of governmental organizations also uses it and many startup companies.